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Blockchain Names is an innovative naming system that offers a vast array of identifiers connected to a limitless range of complex public keys and addresses via extensions, all while ensuring the safety, efficiency, and independence of your data by storing it on the IPFS and Blockchain.

The BNS (Blockchain Naming Service) API platform provides application developers with the opportunity to connect with our ecosystem and create control panel services for blockchain name users.

The Blockchain Name is structured with customizable functions (^MyName.function), which enable the management and organization of a wide range of digital assets and its associated data. Each function is equipped with specific attributes that can represent groups of data (ie; social.profile.friends ) or actions to take towards the data to perform execution of smart contracts (ie; social.profile.addpost ).

The Blockchain Name Functions serve its utility and the foundation of the entire platform, playing a pivotal role in contributing to the overall growth and scalability of the WEB3 Ecosystem.

Each Function may utilize the attributes to achieve the goals set out in the use case of the function.

^BlockchainName * Function * Parent * Child * Infant

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